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Chef of the Month - April 2020

Chef of the Month - April 2020

Chefs of Chef Works is a dedication to our extensive network of local and international Chefs, who share their culinary journeys with us, by providing first-hand insight into the exciting world of hospitality.

We talk to Head Chef Jason Sultana from Paradise Bay Lido and Belleview Bistro. 

From when it all started? It started at a very young age.  I was only 12 years old.  My father owned a small pizzeria and I used to help out.

Who was your greatest cooking inspiration? My greatest inspiration was my father but have to say I admired Marco Pierre White at that time.

What is your favorite cooking dish? Tortellaci filled with Chicken, Lime, and Walnuts served on a chicken liver foie gras with wild mushrooms and cream.

What do you enjoy doing most when you’re outside the kitchen? When I'm outside the kitchen I love to meet the clients, check on them and fulfill their requirements and feedback.

Weirdest food you ever ate? The snake which funny enough it's very similar to chicken only has more bite to it.

Your favorite cookbook?  The Art of Anton Mosimann; one of my very first books.

Who would you most like to cook for? I would have loved to cook for my father since he passed away at an early stage of my career. 

Any awards? I have achieved several awards; gold, silver, and bronze in various dishes and also as a Chef Patron myself.

What is your favorite Chef Works Item? My favorite has to be the Urban Collection.

Your biggest achievement? My biggest achievement has to be that I have been so lucky to work in the Hospitality Industry for so many years, and feel blessed every day to come across incredible people. 

Your best culinary tip?  Being a chef is not a job for everyone. What gets me through the day is by staying calm and focused, and of course one should love the job.

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