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Chef of the Month - December 2019

Chef of the Month - December 2019

Chefs of Chef Works is a dedication to our extensive network of local and international Chefs, who share their culinary journeys with us, by providing first-hand insight into the exciting world of hospitality. We talk to: GIOVANNI MUGLIETT the Executive Chef of The Galley Restaurant.

From when it all started?

When I was 16 years old, same as every summer we used to go visit my grandparents in Cagnano Varano, on the beautiful Gargano coast in Italy. I was sent by my mother to a summer job with her cousin Carmelo as a kitchen hand. After that I joined the Mediterranean school of catering, in Dar il-Mediterran.

Who was your greatest cooking inspiration?

First & foremost my grandmother with all her magnificent Flavours of Puglia & secondly Marco Pierre White, when I was going through my hardest times as a young chef in London.

What is your favourite cooking dish?

Difficult to say as I love food in all flavours, shapes & forms… I would say… fresh pasta, Fish, Asian food in general & traditional British Roasts.

Who would you most like to cook for? 

A large scale international event for charity.

Any awards?

Not really… never took part in competitive cooking!

What do you enjoy doing most when you’re outside the kitchen?

Long walks in nature, spearfishing, fishing, reading & buying books (mostly about food or design).

Weirdest food you ever ate?

A big sea snail in Okinawa, Japan… very chewy and bitter.

Your favourite cookbook?

White heat by Marco Pierre White.

What is your favourite Chef Works Item?

My chefs Jackets … gives me awesome smart feeling & manoeuvrability. 

Your biggest achievement?

Having created 2 big brand names in Maltese Restoration.

You’re all best culinary tip?

Always follow the seasons… inform yourself on what produce your country offers.

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