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Chef of the Month - October 2019

Chef of the Month - October 2019

As a global culinary apparel brand, we dress the most talented Chefs across the world.  Each month Chef Works features a different Chef with their answers to our Culinary Questions. This month we meet Head Chef Matthew Spiteri.  Working as a Head Chef in several top restaurants in Malta, presenting cookery advice and demonstration in a local tv program and working in luxurious yachts as a private chef with his team.

From where it all started?

It all started at home, as a small kid, I always remember my mum spending days in the kitchen. Coming from a middle-class family...we never had expensive food on the table but anything that my mum cooked for us was first of all sustainable and secondly made with love. All this made me understand the real value of food by becoming fond of my career.

Who was your greatest cooking inspiration?

My favorite cooking inspiration was definitely Joe Vella, Executive chef  at Hilton Malta back then.

What is your favorite cooking dish?

I love seafood in general over meat any day...I find it more challenging and fun to work with. I love to give an Asian influence.

Any awards?

Silver medal in a senior Pasta dish and fish dish cooking competition at the age of nineteen.

Who would most like to cook for?

Marcus Wareing

What do you enjoy doing most when your outside of the kitchen?

 Spending time with my 3-year-old son, Ben.

Weirdest food you ever ate?

Chicken feet.

Your favorite cookbook?

Food and beer- Daniel Burns.

What is your favorite Chef Works Item?

Hartford chef coat.  It is really comfortable and practicable for the long hours we spend at work.

Your biggest achievement?  

Cooking for tenor Joseph Calleja and cooking on a private boat and private chateaux in, Bordeaux, France.

Your best culinary tip?
Do it with love or don't do it at all. :) 

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