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Chef of the Month -  August 2019

Chef of the Month - August 2019

As a global culinary apparel brand, we dress the most talented Chefs across the world.  Each month Chef Works features a different Chef with their answers to our Culinary Questions. This month we meet Paul Bajada Executive Chef at Great Dane Restaurant.

From when it all started? 

From when I was very little.  I used to admire my mother's home cooking and baking for the whole family, she used to cook with passion and love to fresh local produce. Later on, I started to work as a young teenager in the Food and Beverage Industry and felt in love with my career because I realized what chef's life is all about. 

Who was your greatest cooking inspiration?

There are a lot of great chefs which has inspired me however my favorite is Marco Pierre White. 

What is your favorite cooking dish?

I love cooking and experimenting in the dishes, but my favorite is a nice traditional roast.

Who would you most like to cook for?

I enjoy cooking for my family and friends and try to surprise them with different dishes.

Any awards?

I have won quite a few awards throughout my career but the most prestigious one was the Global Chef Malta and later I represented our country in Europe where I placed in the third place.

What do you enjoy doing most when you're outside the kitchen?

Spending my time with my family and friends.

Weirdest Food you ever ate?

I do like to try different things and make my dining experience memorable, however, once I tried a goat's brain and I was impressed with the amount of flavor and texture.

Your favorite Cookbook?

Eleven Medison Park.

What is your favorite Chef Works Item?

All the Chef Jackets.

Your biggest achievement?

Is to become an Executive Chef and being part of the Malta National Team of Chefs.

Your best Culinary tip? 

Do it with passion, dedication and be proud of what you are doing. Even though it is really hard, never give up and if you feel like crawling on the floor never allow someone else to pick you up. Be strong enough to get up by yourself.  Also, take the knowledge from the experience and you grow as a person.

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