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Chef of the Month - July 2019

Chef of the Month - July 2019

As a global culinary apparel brand, we dress the most talented Chefs across the world.  Each month Chef Works features a different Chef with their answers to our Culinary Questions. This month we meet Isaac Saliba Chef Patron at Salt Restaurant

From when it all started? 

I've started at a very young age. I followed my grandmother and my mother steps. My family was my inspiration, I remember how I admired their cooking!  My mother's family had a business in selling fruits and vegetables, therefore I spent a lot of time helping them hence I was brought up in the food industry.  I also remember that at a very young age instead of playing with kids I used to prefer staying indoors watching the cooking shows.

Who was your greatest cooking inspiration?

Since I have always enjoyed watching the cooking shows, without exception I used to admire Keith Floyd and Anthony Bourdain on traveling different cuisines.

What is your favorite cooking dish?

Nothing beats a nice steak on a bbq, especially in these Summer days.

Who would you most like to cook for?

To all the people that really appreciate food, consisting of good quality ingredients and value the dedication I give to every dish.

What do you enjoy doing most when you're outside the kitchen?

Spending my time with the people I love most, especially my partner and my friends.

Weirdest Food you ever ate?


Your favorite Cookbook?

TRU, by Rick Tromonto.

What is your favorite Chef Works Item?

All of the garments and styles but if I had to choose I would say the Chef Works Coats.

Your biggest achievement?

Opening my very own Restaurant, it was always my dream since I was little.

Your best Culinary tip? 

Pursue your dreams, fight for your beliefs, be consistent, take advantage of your opportunities, learn from your mistakes, discover yourself and inspire others.

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