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Chef of the Month - May 2019

Chef of the Month - May 2019

As a global culinary apparel brand, we dress the most talented Chefs across the world.  Each month Chef Works features a different Chef with their answers to our Culinary Questions. This month we meet Marvin Schembri Chef Patron at Porticello Restaurant. 

From when it all started? And who was your greatest cooking inspiration?

It all started with my family, actually my uncle Paul.  He was also a chef and I started cooking with him since I was 10 years old.  He inspired me because he was always able to come up with a delicious meal, out of only a few ingredients.  Every Sunday he used to prepare amazing lunches and I remembered looking forward to Sundays just to see what he is going to surprise us with.

What is your favorite cooking dish?

I enjoy cooking mostly everything, but if I had to choose I would opt for fish as my favorite cooking dish.

Who would you most like to cook for?

In my career, I have been very lucky because I have had the pleasure to cook for various famous people, both Maltese and foreign.  Unfortunately, due to long working hours, I rarely find time to prepare a good dish for myself, so I think I would like to have the time to cook something for me. 

Any awards?

In the past, at the start of my career, I took part in various culinary competitions and I received medals and awards for the dishes I prepared.  Last January 2019, I won the Chef of the Year, WRMC, something which I am truly proud of since it recognizes all the hard work and dedication I strive for in my work. 

What do you enjoy doing most when you're outside the kitchen?

I have to admit that the kitchen is a big part of my life, but whatever I can, I enjoy going for a ride on a motorcycle to unwind and relax. 

Weirdest Food you ever ate?

Crispy cockroaches and bugs from the night market I visited when I was in Chang Mai, Thailand.

Your favorite Cookbook?

By far, it has to be River Cafe.

What is your favorite Chef Works Item?

Definitely, the chef jackets as the material are breathable and light, an important factor whilst working inside a busy hot kitchen day in day out.

Your biggest achievement?

This has to be that I am still a chef, working hands-on in the kitchen, cooking relaxes me and I am proud to say that I still love cooking, choosing and buying different fresh produce daily, and make them come together to create a delicious dish.  It is my passion and yes it is my biggest achievement every day after every service. 

Your best Culinary tip? 

Keep it simple, use fresh ingredients whenever possible, try to retain the flavors and textures. For those who are still in their early years in their cooking career, I tell them never give up and believe in yourself.

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