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Chef of the Month - November 2018

Chef of the Month - November 2018

Chefs of Chef Works is a dedication to our extensive network of local and international Chefs, who share their culinary journeys with us, by providing first-hand insight into the exciting world of hospitality.

We talk to Chef Andrew. Executive Chef at The Harbour Club, his inspiration, his passion!

From when it all started?  Who was your greatest cooking inspiration?

Do you remember the Panorama Hotel? It was our family run business back in the 80’s. Enough said that I was brought up in the Hospitality Industry! However, I would say my greatest inspiration was my cousin Jeffrey and my Uncle John which both of them are Chefs. My Uncle John used to work as a Chef at The Arches in Mellieha.   At a very young age, I started helping them in the Kitchen, used to watch them, see everything they do, pick up their qualities and moved them into practice.  Both of them were always someone I aspired to be, and here I am!


What is your favourite cooking dish? 

My favourite dish is the Scallop Therminador. 


Who would you most like to cook for? 

I share my passion with clients that appreciate food. 


What do you enjoy doing most when you’re outside the kitchen?

Watching Football


Your favourite cookbook?

I have over 200 and I think that my last book is my favourite.  Medicine Park.


What is your favourite chef Works Item?

I’m a big fan of the Hartford.  I love the style, it fits perfectly. 


Your all best culinary tip?

Make sure you love cooking or else you will fail!


If you are interested in participating in our Chef of the Month feature, please contact us on by sending us your photo with your favourite Chef Works uniform.

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